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Top 5 Reasons to have a Top 5 List – and not a Top Ten list

by | Oct 19, 2010

Snowbound’s new blog – fun and informative – yes that’s right – both!

Our new blog features the latest in business news pertaining to our industry – viewing and Enterprise Content Management (or, ECM for those who love acronyms). But will be delivered with a whole new approach – with tongue firmly in cheek at times. Oh, sure, we’ll have articles under sections including ‘Best Business Practices’, ‘Hot Technology’ (maybe we can feature swimsuits made with nanotechnology here, hmmm…) and ‘Tips and Tricks’, which isn’t authored by a magician by the way. Also, a new section titled ‘Top 5’ will be highlighted as well featuring a variety of lists such as best products, best technology and most interesting new announcements.   We’re going with ‘Top 5’ for a couple of reasons; it’s frequently too difficult to come up with ten items for a list, and people seem to gravitate towards articles featuring lists.

So I’m throwing my hat in the ring with my first Top 5 column titled ‘Top 5 Reasons to have a Top 5 List – and not a Top Ten list’, and I’m on my way having already mentioned two, but so no one feels cheated, I’ll list five more.  Here we go…

Top 5 Reasons to have a Top 5 List – and not a Top Ten list

  1. Letterman’s legal department sent us a ‘cease and desist’ letter
  2. Better for audience attention span – especially during football season
  3. Can count off on one hand!
  4. More than four – less than six!
  5. I’m lazy, and five is easier than ten

We hope you enjoy our new blog. Our new mantra is to not only inform – but hopefully intrigue and entertain a bit as well. We’ve recruited some of the best and brightest writers featuring diverse backgrounds and perspectives to scribe on a variety of topics, both the technical and the not-so-technical, with the goal of providing content that speaks to our audience.

We’d love to have your feedback, thoughts, comments and suggestions on how to make this an informative and fun site – both amusing and thought-provoking. And how often do you get that from the blog of a software company???

Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for more!