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Improve VirtualViewer .Net Performance in Windows XP

by | Nov 2, 2010

For any of you who own, have evaluated or are thinking of evaluating any of Snowbound’s VirtualViewer .Net products, this small modification could save you many headaches. Let’s look at how to increase the pool thread limit in IIS 5. Although generally not recommended, it may be necessary to sometimes run one of our .Net Viewer applications from IIS 5 in Windows XP.

Although our .Net Viewers will in fact run on IIS 5, it will generally not take much throughput to use all of the 10 connections made available by WindowsXP by default. When this limit is reached, most of our products will start to exhibit some undesirable behavior such as reduced performance. Unfortunately, unlike higher versions of IIS, there is no way to dramatically increase this connection limit but you can in fact slightly increase the amount of connections made available by running the following command:

$InetpubAdminscriptscscript adsutil.vbs set w3svc/MaxConnections 40

It’s as simple as that. You should also, in theory, be able to change the amount of connections to any number less than 40 if you so desire. Although 40 connections may not seem like much, our testing has shown it to drastically improve the performance of our .Net viewers and as a result, drastically improve the general VirtualViewer experience.

Gerry Gagne