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Java 7 End of Life Notice
Snowbound's policy is to move to the latest Java Long Term Support release 18 months after its original release date, at which point we will no longer support previous releases. This means in March 2020, we will be moving to only support the latest Java Long Term Support Release, Java 11. The last VirtualViewer build to support Java 7 will be v5.2.

As of November 2017, Snowbound has discontinued support for .NET Framework older than 4.5.2.

Snowbound has discontinued support for JRE 1.5x and older.

As of 6/11/15, Snowbound discontinued support for Windows 2003 server.

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New Support Portal

If you haven't logged on to the support portal since April 11, 2016, your password for the old support portal will no longer be valid.  If you did not get an email with credentials for the new site, please contact your account manager for access. 

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