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Latest Releases

November 2022

VirtualViewer® v.5.10

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May 2022

VirtualViewer® v.5.9

PDF Portfolio Support

  • Easily open all of the files contained in your PDF Portfolios regardless of the file type. Users simply select the paperclip icon on the portfolio tab to open each file in a corresponding tab. As long as the format is supported by VirtualViewer it can be opened in the browser including not only PDF but also Word, Excel, PowerPoint, TIFF and more without the need to rely on the creator application.

Video & Audio Caption Support

  • Custom captions and subtitles can now be displayed for audio and video files. Supply the caption file as a WebVTT format (.VTT) which is then passed through the content handler and the associate captions and subtitles show for the appropriate media file. Please note that VirtualViewer does not currently support auto generating captions.
  • Not all browsers natively support captions for audio players but with this release you can easily enable this functionality through our new Javascript API or via the User Preferences panel.

Customized Media Toolbars

  • Administrators can easily add custom buttons for audio and media controls. For example, if you want to add a button to indicate the viewer’s interest level, you can provide a thumbs up or thumbs down button in the control panel.

Additional OCR language support

  • Administrators can now specify different languages that you want to support in the OCR engine.

Locale Date/Time format

  • When rendering MS Office or eml/msg files in the viewer you can specify how the date and time field appears.

Enhanced Format Support

  • Since VirtualViewer is built on our RasterMaster SDK, all format enhancements are inherent in the viewer. See the RasterMaster enhancements below for specific format updates.

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November 2022

RasterMaster® v.20.10

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May 2022

RasterMaster® v.20.9


  • More robust XFA and Acroform support. Since files can have information stored as either XFA or Acroform, RasterMaster automatically selects the best version to use for processing.
  • Enhanced encrypted hyperlink support
  • Support for PDF Portfolio files


  • Improved right-to-left text support for various formats including .doc, .docx, .rft, .msg, .eml, and .xls


  • Images: Improved resource retrieval of images and ALT images.
  • Tables: Enhanced support for inline tables in eml and msg files.

This release includes more robust XFA and Acroform support, PDF Portfolio support, Enhanced Encrypted PDF hyperlink, Improved Right-To-Left text support and enhanced HTML support including improved resource retrieval of images and ALT images.

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End of Life

New Release Schedule

For 2021, we will be moving from a quarterly release schedule to three times per year. This allows us to sync up both our VirtualViewer and RasterMaster releases on the same schedule, as well as focus more time and resources on each individual release.

Major Version Upgrade

We plan to move to v6.0 by the end of 2022. We are currently in the process of finalizing release plans for the year. We will send out more information when the official date, details, and beta program options are confirmed.

Java 7 End of Life Notice

Snowbound’s policy is to move to the latest Java Long Term Support release 18 months after its original release date, at which point we will no longer support previous releases. This means as of March 2020, we will only support the latest Java Long Term Support Release, Java 11. The last VirtualViewer build to support Java 7 is v5.2.

Previous Releases
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v5.8 (November 2021)

This release includes enhancements that enable users to work more efficiently within large documents and provides administrators new capabilities to support compliance mandates. It also provides easier evaluation access through Docker Hub and much more.
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v.5.7 (April 2021)
This release includes variable opacity for annotation background, single-key shortcuts, e-mail attachment support, API to print or export multiple documents, and much more. Click here for the full release notes

v.5.6 (February 2021)
This release includes new Callbacks and Javascript APIs, media streaming from the content handler, new color text annotation & watermark features, a configurable document viewed indicator, and much more. Click here for the full release notes

v.5.5 (December 2020)
This release includes JRE 8 support, the introduction of a RESTful Content Handler, and additional OCR capabilities. Also, an important security flaw in iText/Bouncy Castle is addressed and resolved in this release. Click here for the full release notes

v5.3 (May 2020)
This release includes accessibility enhancements, added media functionality (including full MOV support), and error handling improvements. Click here for the full release notes

v5.2 (January 2020)
This release adds new APIs to adjust brightness, contrast and gamma on multiple pages, a new error modal configuration item, and improvements for responsive toolbars: Click here for the full release notes

v5.1 (October 2019)
This release improves fault tolerance for high volume users and introduces important accessibility features, such as speech synthesis and compatibility with screen readers. Click here for the full release notes (10/11/19).

v5.0 for Java (June 2019)
The major version release features a new user interface & greatly reduces processing and load times for large documents. Click here for the full release notes (6/25/19).

Click Here To See Previous RasterMaster Releases


RasterMaster v20.8 (November 2021)

This release includes a new license manager, PDF hyperlink support, and more.  Click here for the full release notes. 

v20.5 (September 2020)
As previously indicated in our 20.4 notice, we planned to release 20.5 later in the fall with support for JRE 8. Fortunately, we were able to get this out sooner than expected. Click here for release notes.

v20.4 (August 2020)
This release includes new file format support, additional OCR capabilities, and improved security. Click here for release notes. 

v20.3 (April 2019)
This release includes upgraded RasterMaster Java target from JDK 1.7 to JDK11, updated overlay callback API for AFP file conversion, and additional MS Office XML support. Click here for release notes. 

v20.2 (September 2019)
This release includes enhancements to our MS Office XML support. Click here for release notes. 

v20.0 for Java (May 2019)
Performance enhancements for large documents and bug fixes. Click here for the full release notes (5-13-19).