You have invested a lot of money and time deploying your ECM solution – why not increase the benefit you receive by extending your system’s capabilities. Snowbound offers imaging, viewing, and conversion functions to augment your ECM system in ways that will provide you with important added benefits. Add our out-of-the-box document and image viewer to gain high-speed viewing capabilities and increase throughput. Leverage our imaging and conversion SDK to build functions into your processes that ensure document integrity and accessibility.

In today’s economic environment we are all challenged to find ways to do more with less. You can add valuable time-saving and productivity-enhancing features to your ECM system without having to re-invent the wheel.

Adding A Viewer to Streamline your Processing

Too many ECM systems depend on separate, multiple viewers to actually view the documents that are handled. By integrating VirtualViewer™, our high-speed viewing module, into your ECM system, your users gain the benefit of a standardized universal User Interface for viewing, redaction, annotation, and collaboration. Snowbound’s viewing modules offer critical functionality such as:

  • Ensuring that you can view content in its original format. Eliminate the need to convert files in order to view since the viewing modules support a wide variety of formats including Word, PDF, Excel, AFP and more. However, if your company or compliance policies mandate a specific file format, VirtualViewer can convert files at the time of viewing from their native format to either PDF or TIFF for archiving purposes. This eliminates the need for you to batch convert files that will never need to be accessed.
  • Providing remote access to content through any device that connects to the internet. Our HTML5 document viewing option gives your users complete mobility by enabling them to access their content from any client system that supports a Web browser. This also makes working from a remote site easier and helps reduce your physical office footprint without sacrificing productivity.
  • Eliminating the need to download applications to the client. Our out-of-the box Zero Footprint viewer is browser-based so there are no client-side dependencies, digital certificates or client software support necessary. This is critical when you have no control over your users’ software environment or firewall configuration.
  • Retrieving needed content in seconds with our unique Page on Demand™ (PoD) technology. PoD is especially useful if you are working with large multi-page documents and do not want to wait for the entire document to download or stream to the client.
  • Streamlining collaboration processes with XML-based annotations. VirtualViewer’s annotations enable you to provide an audit trail of each user’s annotations throughout the review cycle.
  • Expediting the document review process using virtual documents. Increase productivity by eliminating the need to open multiple files when you only need to access one or two pages from each. A single virtual file can contain content from multiple source files, which your users can access with one click of a mouse.

Learn more about VirtualViewer.

Adding Imaging and Conversion Functions With An SDK

If you are looking to add value to your ECM system by developing your own imaging, viewing or conversion capabilities from scratch; Snowbound has the developer tools to help you get the job done. RasterMaster®, our imaging and conversion SDK, gives you the functions and format support to address a wide range of imaging requirements:

  • Develop your own viewing and annotation capabilities for your ECM system using our proven viewing SDK. The easy-to-use API and array of samples enables you to reduce development time.
  • Build batch conversion processes into your application so that files can be automatically ingested into the repository in the format you require.
  • Incorporate deskew, despeckle, and manipulation functions into your solution that automatically adjusts maligned scanned images to reduce read errors.

Learn more about RasterMaster.