The document lifecycle represents the process used to share information through integrated Enterprise Content Management systems and Business Process Automation. Our solutions are involved with each step of the lifecycle with products to capture/record, view/deliver, manage/process and store/archive.

  • View Virtually Any Document on Any Platform AnywhereVirtualViewer® HTML5 provides document and image handling capabilities across the enterprise, including the ability to view virtually any document and image format, on any platform anywhere. 
  • Quickly Review and Preview Documents with High-Speed Viewing—Instantly retrieve only the specific pages you need from within multi-page documents. With Snowbound’s unique Page on Demand™ (POD) technology there is no waiting for an entire document to download or stream. Thumbnails enable rapid navigation through pages within a document and our tabbed-viewing feature allows you to open multiple documents in the viewer and navigate between them.
  • Collaborate and Annotate on virtually any document or image format—Add or remove annotations or mark-ups without altering the original document. VirtualViewer’s XML-based annotations expedite your document workflow processing enabling users, based on permission levels, to create and/or read various annotations including rubberstamps, sticky notes, watermarks, highlights, and more. VirtualViewer enables you to collaborate on a multitude of formats including Word, Excel, PDF, AFP, TIFF, JPEG, PNG and more. 
  • Redact content within documents and images—Be confident that you can provide information while also protecting sensitive content based on user permissions. Snowbound’s true redaction capabilities allow you to quickly redact confidential information like credit card information, social security numbers, account numbers and more. Snowbound’s redactions are burned into the document on-the-fly on the server before sending the document to the viewer. This eliminates the ability to view or search on content that has been redacted while still preserving the original document.
  • Create and Manipulate Documents—Move pages, create new versions, zoom in, zoom out, or rotate a document or image with VirtualViewer’s array of manipulation functions. Snowbound’s page manipulation support makes it quick and easy to modify and create documents. You can easily cut and paste pages from existing documents to create new versions, while preserving the originals, and save them back to the repository.
  • Create Virtual Documents For Routinely Accessed Pages  — With VirtualViewer you have the ability to create virtual documents for pages that you routinely or exclusively need to view. Virtual documents enable you to treat the gathered pages as a single file containing all of the pages you need to view. This dramatically simplifies and expedites your review time.