The document lifecycle represents the process used to share information through integrated Enterprise Content Management systems and Business Process Automation. Our solutions are involved with each step of the lifecycle with products to capture/record, view/deliver, manage/process and store/archive.

  • View Virtually Any Document on Any Platform Anywhere —Snowbound’s VirtualViewer® HTML5 provide access to virtually any document or image format across multiple platforms. 
  • Deliver Rapidly with Page on Demand™ (POD) — Our unique Page on Demand (POD) technology downloads files to the web viewer in seconds. It eliminates the need to download entire documents by quickly and accurately delivering only the page(s) requested by the user. The advanced thumbnail support enables you to navigate through the document quickly and download only the necessary pages.
  • Search Documents Efficiently—Quickly find text information contained within a variety of formats – Word, Excel, PDF, AFP, and PCL. Navigate to information rapidly and efficiently with search results that highlight the searched terms. Our search tool enables you to search specific terms or patterns.  In addition administrators can configure their application with Javascript APIs to display the first search-term highlighted in the document when it opens in the viewer.
  • Safeguard DocumentsVirtualViewer® HTML5's user-friendly configurable User Interface makes it easy to establish and manage the user permissions in your repository for your internal and external users. Enable and disable user functions based on permission schemes such as user, role or document. An administrator can easily turn on and off a user’s ability to view, print, redact and annotate files.
  • Eliminate Deliverability Issues Due to Platform Restrictions—No need to download applets. VirtualViewer® HTML5 quickly retrieves and converts files from their native format to a JPEG, PNG or SVG, making documents and images viewable via any web browser regardless of operating system.
  • Save to Wide Variety of Formats —  Convert and save files to any of our supported output formats including JPEG, TIFF, PDF, PNG, AFP, MO:DCA and many others. 
  • Print — VirtualViewer® HTML5 provides high-resolution printing (300, 600, 1200 dpi.)