The document lifecycle represents the process used to share information through integrated Enterprise Content Management systems and Business Process Automation. Our solutions are involved with each step of the lifecycle with products to capture/record, view/deliver, manage/process and store/archive.

  • High-Speed Image and Document Conversion—Count on Snowbound’s reliable, high-speed image and document conversion for your archiving needs. Snowbound’s document and image conversion technology converts files directly and rapidly, without having to invoke a print driver or any other external application. With RasterMaster, Snowbound’s imaging and conversion SDK, developers can build these conversion functions directly into their applications to support numerous file formats including ABIC, AFP, MO:DCA, MS Word, PCL, PDF, PNG and TIFF.
  • Eliminate the need to convert Document and Image Formats—Our high-speed document and image viewer, VirtualViewer, supports a wide variety of formats allowing you to store files in their original formats without the need to convert to PDF, TIFF, or other archive format options.
  • Easily Retrieve Archival Documents and Images—Because VirtualViewer supports several formats, document retrieval is effortless and that makes reinitiating workflow easy. An e-Discovery process or a court case might require you to retrieve an archived document. Enhance your business process management (BPM) and/or records information management (RIM) systems with viewing technology that will ensure that you have access to archived content when you need it.
  • Text Search—Snowbound supports your efforts to meet today’s compliance requirements by providing quick access to your archived content. Quickly search text information contained within a variety of formats – Word, Excel, PDF, AFP, and PCL. Navigate to information quickly and efficiently with search results that highlight the searched terms. With our search tool you can search specific terms or patterns, or configure your application with Javascript API’s to display the first search-term highlighted in the document upon retrieval.