Adjusting Page Resolution

Snowbound Software’s RasterMaster™ for the Java™ Platform includes the ability to move pages around by inserting and removing pages. If you find that the image quality diminishes after moving pages around in a PDF document, you may want to adjust the resolution to improve the pages’ appearance. To improve the image’s resolution, call the IMGLOW_set_pdf_input(int dpi, int bits_pix) method before decompressing. You will need to call this method once. Set the dpi variable value to 200 and the bits_pix variable value to 24.

The following describes the IMGLOW_set_pdf_input(int dpi, int bits_pix) method:

IMGLOW_set_pdf_input(int, int)

This method allows the conversion of PDF files into bitmaps when decompressed by RasterMaster products. It allows the programmer to set the bitmap size and pixel depth of the resulting bitmap.


int IMGLOW_set_pdf_input(int dpi, int bits_pix);


The table below lists the IMGLOW_set_pdf_input(int, int) method variable descriptions.




Dots per inch (DPI) in which to render the PDF.

Typical DPI is 300.

For 1-bit images, the DPI is 200.

For color images, the DPI is 100 or 200.


Bitmap pixel depth for resulting rendered PDF image. Set to 1 or 24.