Viewing an Email Attachment within a Web Browser

Using the JavaMail Quick-Start guide at JavaWord, you can quickly learn how to open the contents of a Pop3 Mail Server.

Utilizing AFP Font Maps To Customize Font Display

Font Maps enable companies to standardize how AFP documents display by overriding the internal font objects with custom fonts and styles.

Using RasterMaster for the Java Platform to Process an Image from a Specified URL

This tech tip explains how to create an instance of DataInputStream from a specified URL.

Improving the display of large image files in your applications

This Tech Tip applies to RasterMaster Java SDK

Writing a Servlet to View a Document in a Web Browser

This tech tip demonstrates how to write a simple servlet that allows any document supported by the RasterMaster imaging SDK library to be viewed in a standard Web browser.

Zooming to a User Defined Area in VirtualViewer

Snowbound’s viewing applet, VirtualViewer, includes a feature called Rubber Band Zoom, which allows the user to draw a box around a portion of the image to zoom in to. This tip shows how to implement this feature.

Scrolling Images with Your Keyboard

In image viewing applications, users often want to be able to scroll an image without their hands leaving the keyboard. Here’s how to extend the RasterMaster imaging SDK scrolling functionality to allow you to scroll from the keyboard.

How to Properly Create High-Quality Thumbnails

This tip features an example that demonstrates how to create a high-quality thumbnail 100 pixels wide.

Changing Menu Labels in VirtualViewer

Snowbound Software’s VirtualViewer applet allows you to define menu labels. For example, you can change the name of the Export menu in the File menu to be the Save As menu.

Saving the Whole Image after Zooming

Snowbound Software’s RasterMaster™ for the Java™ Platform includes the ability to zoom in and out of an image as shown here.


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