Saving to a Searchable PDF File

Snowbound Software’s RasterMaster for the Java Platform includes the methods that allow you to save to a searchable PDF file.

Creating a Single Output File of an Original Image and its Annotation Layers

You can create a single output JPEG or BMP file that is a composite of the original image file and its annotation layers in Snowbound’s RasterMaster .NET imaging SDK. This allows you to print out a single file of the image with its annotations.

Saving Images with IMG_save_bitmap Byte Array Buffer

The Snowbound Library supports numerous formats, each with their own compression and multiple bit depths.

Saving out multi-page TIFF files to a byte array in Java

Saving images to memory on the fly enhances the speed, usability and security of your client-server imaging application by eliminating the necessity of local drive access. Snowbound has expanded this capability in the RasterMaster imaging SDK to allow the saving of multi-page TIFF files to a byte array in Java

Processing and Saving All Worksheets in an Excel Document

Snowbound Software’s RasterMaster™ for the Java™ Platform includes the ability to convert Excel documents to other file formats such as PDF.

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