Using the New SupportCode Package

Snowbound has made the development of Java imaging applications easier and quicker than ever with the addition of a new SupportCode package provided with RasterMaster for Java imaging SDK. The SupportCode package contains java classes and corresponding source code such as:

Image Panels that contain the basic code to display images (i.e ImagePanel.class)

Annotation Support Classes such as the Annotation Dialog Box which you can use to change the properties of a given annotation (i.e AnnotationPropertiesDialog.class)

Utilities Classes such as a Format Hash Table that converts Snowbound format integer values to and from the corresponding format text string, and an Error Table that when given an error code returns understandable text (i.e FormatHash.class and ErrorDialog.class)
These classes are located at .\SupportCode\snowbndcommon.jar and the source code is in .\SupportCode\com.