Enabling, Disabling, and Reordering Buttons in VirtualViewer: HTML

Snowbound Software’s VirtualViewer: HTML product lets you enable, disable, and reorder the buttons available in the Graphical User Interface (GUI).

Converting a Byte Array to Another Byte Array

Snowbound Software’s RasterMaster Imaging SDK product for .NET lets you take an image, convert it to a byte array, and then save it as another byte array.

How to View Processes that Affect Performance

This tech tip provides steps that you can take to see what you have running on your system that may be affecting the performance and speed of your Snowbound products.

Implementing Interfaces and Declaring Classes at Runtime

One of the fundamental benefits of an object-oriented language such as Java is the ability to design applications around Interfaces.

Working with .NET Strong Names

The .NET library is assigned a cryptographic signature, called a strong name. The strong name can be uniquely identified and installed to the Global Assembly Cache (GAC) to allow multiple applications to reference and use it.

Removing VirtualViewer Features Using HTML Parameters

Snowbound’s viewing applet, VirtualViewer, gives you the option of disabling or removing most features from the Graphical User Interface (GUI).

Utilizing the New C++ Class API Wrapper

API Wrapper to make the RasterMaster imaging SDK more Object-Oriented.

Using the Snowbound Finalize Method to clear up memory in Java™

The RasterMaster for Java imaging SDK includes a finalize method that sets all the internal data arrays to null as well as the scroll bar components so the GC can remove it.

Using the New SupportCode Package

Snowbound has made the development of Java imaging applications easier and quicker than ever with the addition of a new SupportCode package provided with RasterMaster for Java imaging SDK.

Dealing with Security Issues with Applets and JavaScript

When dealing with JavaScript, applets and security issues, you must understand the Java Applet Sandbox. The sandbox refers to a set of security restrictions imposed on an applet. The three basic restrictions imposed by the sandbox are outlined here.


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