Adjusting DPI When Converting a TIFF Image to a PDF

Snowbound Software’s RasterMasterTM for the JavaTM Platform includes the ability to adjust the DPI (dots per inch) when converting a TIFF image to a PDF to prevent the image from appearing altered.

For example, when converting an image from a TIFF that has a resolution of 204/98 pixels/inch, your image may appear distorted. The reason that the image does not appear as it should is that the horizontal DPI is not the same as the vertical DPI. The following code fixes this problem:

if (Simage.getXdpi() != Simage.getYdpi())

Simage.IMG_resize_bitmap(Simage.getWidth(),(Simage.getXdpi() * Simage.getHeight()) / Simage.getYdpi());

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