Implementing Annotation Security in VirtualViewer: SI

Snowbound Software’s VirtualViewer: SI product allows you to set access to annotation layers. You have the ability to grant full access or to allow view-only access to annotations.

To implement the annotation security feature in FlexSnap: SI, set the editSavedAnnotations parameter as in the following example to true or false:

param name="editSavedAnnotations" value="true">

If you set the editSavedAnnotations parameter to true, then you will have full access to previously saved annotation layers. If you set the value to false, then you will have view-only access to previously saved annotation layers.

You can create new annotation layers regardless if the editSavedAnnotations parameter is set to true or false. Once the created annotation layers are saved, however, they fall underneath one of the true or false conditions set in the editSavedAnnotations parameter.