Success Stories

Nine of the ten largest banks in the United States (7 of 10 in the world), as well as some of the biggest healthcare providers, government agencies, and insurance companies in the world rely on Snowbound for their mission critical needs. Below are a few examples of how Snowbound helps these organizations succeed...

Leveraging VirtualViewer To Manage Millions of Personnel Records

Product:  VirtualViewer® HTML5
Industry:  Government


  • Eliminated security and management issues with their old custom viewers
  • Enabled agency to provide users with more streamlined access to their personnel records
  • Millions of users are now able to view critical information related to their records via any device that has access to a web browser
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“We performed an exhaustive evaluation of three major players in the document viewer space, and put the final decision to our end-users. The business overwhelmingly voted for Snowbound, as it offered the best user experience and approach to document viewing.
Insurer Spokesman

Property and casualty insurer

Product:  VirtualViewer HTML5
Industry: Commercial Insurance


  • ​Fast and accurate claims processing keeps customers happy
  • Responsive service strengthens customer loyalty and retention
  • Top-quality experience helps the insurer stand out in a competitive market

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“When we moved from testing to implementation, the process was painless, our development team had no issues, and the end result was a seamless and successful integration”
Alben Gillum
Subject Matter Expert, USPS

Complying With Federal Anti-money Laundering/Anti-terrorist Regulations

Product:  RasterMaster® SDK 
Industry:  Government


  • ​Produced high-quality images at unprecedented speed
  • Achieved compliance
  • Met the regulatory mandates

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“Snowbound’s RasterMaster technology still is one of the best-performing solutions I have seen through 10 years in this business”
— Frank Gronenborn
IT Architect, ARAG

Automate & Streamline Insurance Claims Process 

Product:  RasterMaster® SDK 
Industry: Insurance


  • Increase daily throughput more than 350%
  • ​Automatically index and archive an average of 35,000 mail documents and 3,000 faxes daily
  • Utilize a 100% Java solution while supporting AFP, TIFF, and JPEG
  • Increased access to the images from 450 employees up to more than 2000
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“VirtualViewer is a phenomenal application. It’s faster and cleaner than any of our previous viewing solutions.”
— Tim Lalonde
IT Director, Manitoulin

Efficient Image Access Delivers for Manitoulin Transport

Product:  VirtualViewer® HTML5 
Industry: Transportation/Shipping


  • Increase customer adoption of the Web portal
  • Eliminate calls for technical support
  • Perform an infrastructure upgrade that had been impeded by the previous viewing application
  • Increase customer satisfaction
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“This solution gave me all of the image tools I needed to pull up, view, split, and modify images in a multitude of formats, including MO:DCA.”
— Patrick Neece​
Chief Information Officer, JRMC

Breathing New Life into Hospital’s EMR System

Product:  RasterMaster® SDK 
Industry: Healthcare


  • Save approximately $1 million
  • Enhance productivity
  • Extend the life of costly electronic medical records system
  • Save implementation and development time
  • Extended the life of the EMR by an estimated 3 years
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“Complaints about our system’s slow processing time have been replaced with positive feedback about the new viewer’s speed and improved document clarity.”
— Donald Ashe
Register, Hampden County

Bringing Efficiency to the Registry of Deeds

Product:  VirtualViewer® HTML5
Industry:  Government


  • Increased loading times by 50 percent compared to previous viewer
  • Improved image and document clarity
  • Experienced an 18 percent increase in recorded documents from 2011 to 2012
  • Collected nearly $13 million during the 2012 calendar, a 14 percent increase over 2011
  • Established real-time communication between Springfield headquarters and a sub-office in Westfield
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Streamlined Electronic Loan Processing

Product:  VirtualViewer® HTML5
Industry:  Financial


  • Enabled the lender to improve their overall mortgage processing time by more than 40%
  • Achieved their security and business continuity objectives within a single, high-speed viewing application
  • Delivered individual pages to the client within the lender’s required sub-2-second access
  • Agents can import daily peak loads of more than half a million documents
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