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The Document Viewer Matchup: VirtualViewer® HTML5 vs. PDF.js
For someone simply needing to view a PDF within their internet browser, a default viewer might get the job done. But what about the knowledge workers in document-heavy industries who interact with hundreds of documents daily? For these users, documents aren’t just something that need to be viewed, they also need to be managed, manipulated, annotated, distributed, and stored—among many other things. In this piece, we look at how Snowbound’s browser-based document viewer compares with PDF.js, a document viewer from Mozilla, in a variety of categories: Free eBook Download (PDF)
Disaster Prevention – How to Take a Storm in Stride

In this new blog, Snowbound CEO Simon Wieczner takes a look at how the company prepared for and handled a recent 24-hour power outage at the company's headquarters. Read More Here

Updated timeline for our upcoming releases:
RasterMaster® v20.0 for Java & .NET (April)
This release includes new architecture improvements allowing the state of documents to be temporarily stored in order to significantly reduce access time when accessing Word (.doc & .docx) documents. Learn More

VirtualViewer® HTML5 v5.0 for Java &.NET (May)
This release will leverage the enhancements in RasterMaster v20.0, new features and a new UI. Learn More

Prior to the official release in May, Snowbound will be offering an early adopter program to customers who would like to perform in-the-field testing and provide feedback on VirtualViewer 5.0. Sign-up for the Pre-Release Program

Alfresco Day New York
April 3, 2019
New York City 
More details

PegaWorld 2019
June 2-5, 2019
Las Vegas, NV (Aria)
More details

Announcing Product Releases Notification Options
In order to make things easier for our customers to be notified of product release announcements, we have created an RSS feed and Twitter handle to give users more options beyond email for how they would like to receive Snowbound product updates.

Subscribe here: RSS FeedTwitter (@ProductReleases)

These feeds will notify you when a Product Release post has been made on this blog. For a directory of all previous release announcements, please visit our website.

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