Workflow and Productivity

Creating the Optimal Environment for Document Processing

The main purpose for integrating imaging software into a document processing system is to maximize throughput by decreasing time required to load, view, and approve documents.

Document Viewing - The Last Mile of Productivity

Implementing a powerful, universal viewer with server integration capabilities can tie all of your back-end systems together and give your end users the tools they need to do more than just look at content.

Targeting Image Quality to Enhance Workflow Performance

Image quality is an important but often overlooked aspect of document imaging that holds the potential to boost productivity and profitability.

Increase Productivity and Reduce Cost with Client/Server Image Processing

Incorporating a universal document and image viewer combined with client/server image processing can increase productivity levels and save costs because the processing happens on the server-side, minimizing delays for the user (client-side).

The Future of Client-Based Email and Attached Documents

Email is the most widely-used communication and collaboration tool in business today.

Optimal Techniques for Server Based Image Processing

When it comes to server-based image processing, businesses have options that can help accelerate data retrieval and cut down on processing time.

Making ECM More Efficient – Are All Of Your Bases Covered?

When companies consider Enterprise Content Management (ECM), viewing technology doesn’t immediately jump to mind, but it's important to cover all your ECM bases – how you view your documents is equally as important as how you store your documents.

Advanced Document Manipulation – A Must Have For TCM

This article will focus on the role AJAX viewers play in providing Advanced Document Manipulation capabilities.

Optimal Mobile Document Viewing – No Flash Here

Document viewing technology is something that we all encounter every day – we just don’t realize how pervasive this technology has become.

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