Viewing and Conversion Technology

The Time Has Come – Mobile and Remote Viewing

AJAX Viewing provides the ability to offer complete accessibility to content regardless of location or device.

Java Applet vs. AJAX Document Viewer - Top 3 Questions to Ask

Universal document viewing applications enable organizations to easily view documents and images independent of the application used to create the document.

Not All AJAX Viewers are Created Equal

Choosing the right AJAX Viewer for your application can make all the difference for optimal ease-of-use and enhanced collaboration and communication across your firm’s enterprise.

Planning for a 64-bit OS and Application Upgrade - Why You Need to do this Soon

In the past, the 64-bit software arena was reserved for scientific and engineering workstations but today more and more client systems are expected to be able to handle very large files and images – for example documents that include very large image files or CAD drawings.

The Times (and computing), they are a changing…

To take full advantage of 64-bit processors, applications need to be compiled using 64-bit code and run on a 64-bit operating system.

Document Manipulation and Modification Using Viewing Applications

Document manipulation and modification tools and processes play an important role in how we revise and reuse our documents, especially with today’s ever-increasing information compliance regulations.

Software Development Toolkits - For the Perfect Application Fit

Software Development Toolkits (SDKs) provide software developers the ability to create a tailored solution – for the best integration with other systems, and the ability to build in customized functionality that may more directly meet the needs of the enterprise.

Using No-cost Batch Converters? You Get What You Pay for – A Guide to a Better Solution

As you search for a document or image batch converter the old caveats ‘let the buyer beware’ and ‘you get what you pay for’ should be heavily considered.


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