Document Manipulation and Modification Using Viewing Applications

The document lifecycle represents the comprehensive process a document goes through from beginning to end – from creation and distribution, to storage and ongoing document manipulation and modification. Document manipulation and modification tools and processes play an important role in how we revise and reuse our documents, especially with today’s ever-increasing information compliance regulations.

For example, many companies employ universal document viewing applications as part of their electronic content management (ECM) or business process management (BPM) systems. Viewing applications enable users to securely open and view virtually any type of document, no matter what application it was created in, a boon to workflow, colleague collaboration and productivity. One should choose their tools to meet these challenges wisely to keep both the processes, and the information itself, flowing smoothly and securely.

Document viewing applications may also be used for page and document manipulation, enabling quick and easy on-the-fly modifications. Documents may be revised – creating new documents – while preserving unaltered originals, very important for files that have already gone through legal review and cannot be altered without being reviewed again. And the newly created documents may be added to the document repository via the viewing application interface as well.

Viewing applications simplify document manipulation through a sophisticated but easy to navigate interface that provides a wealth of functionality. Several files may be located and retrieved in seconds and opened and viewed simultaneously via tabbed windows, and a corresponding thumbnail view highlights the displayed document. Document manipulation capabilities include the ability to take pages from the various open documents, and ‘drag and drop’ them, easily creating an entirely new document, for quick access to frequently viewed pages – to streamline processing and review.

Documents viewers provide a host of other benefits aside from easy document manipulation and modification. Office professionals realize increased productivity due to more efficient forms processing, easier colleague collaboration with shared document processing capabilities and streamlined ECM/BPM system functionality using a universal viewer to access the document repository. All of these benefits help firms streamline internal processes while also greatly enhancing customer service efforts.

Organizations are realizing the impact of incorporating viewing solutions into their document management systems – not only for tasks such as document manipulation and modification – but also as part of serving strategic business goals. Viewing applications offer critical functionality to help keep business processes flowing smoothly; from enhancing the functionality of ECM systems, to making gains in productivity through better forms processing, all while better serving customers and employees via secure streamlined information access.

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