Extending the Capabilities of PDF Solutions Without Adobe

Collaboration is becoming an increasingly important requirement for enhancing workflow. As a result companies are relying on PDF to easily distribute, review, and mark-up documents while ensuring consistent layout, fonts and formatting. PDF, as an open standard, is ideal for collaboration because organizations are not limited to Adobe to effectively integrate PDF capabilities into custom applications and workflow processes.

Many software development companies have built libraries and SDKs for multiple platforms, including Java, for reading, writing, and annotating PDF files. Taking advantage of the reading and writing capabilities offered by these tools can reduce the cost and time to develop a flexible solution for viewing or converting PDF.

PDF Reading

Alternative PDF technologies offer features that allow you to build applications that provide end-users with faster access to documents and increased productivity when working with PDF files. These include:

  • Integrating PDF reading into an Applet or client-application, without requiring Acrobat to be installed on the client system.
  • Support PDF and additional formats, such as MS Word, TIFF, or JPEG Conversion, in a single viewing application.
  • Client/Server architecture that can decompress and break up large files on the server enabling a single page to be sent to the client in seconds rather than waiting for the entire file to download.
  • Standard PDF features like searching, term highlighting, and text extraction are still available even with these additional functions.

PDF Writing

Similar to PDF reading, using an alternative for PDF writing can provide features that would not be available using Acrobat products. These features can extend the functionality of a custom application that utilizes document formats other than PDF.

  • Tools that support conversion to PDF and from PDF provide greater flexibility. Conversion from PDF to TIFF or PDF to JPEG is a common practice for document archiving.
  • Direct, batch conversion of files to PDF without manually opening individual documents, invoking a print driver, or creating postscript files significantly reduces time needed to create PDFs from existing documents.

Find out more about PDF SDKs and libraries for Java or Windows (DLL, ActiveX, and .NET) that can help you reduce costs and time while adding more functionality to your PDF solution.