XML Annotations – Adding context to content

Many companies have made the choice to use annotations to mark-up documents, often through a document viewing application, without touching the original content.

The New World of XML Documents

Government bodies and other organizations have begun to announce their intentions to shift to open standards that will make information more accessible and allow for more sustainable archiving processes. Of particular interest at the moment is XML.

Extending the Capabilities of PDF Solutions Without Adobe

Collaboration is becoming an increasingly important requirement for enhancing workflow. As a result companies are relying on PDF to easily distribute, review, and mark-up documents while ensuring consistent layout, fonts and formatting.

Customize Font Display in AFP Documents Using Font Maps

AFP, IBM's Advanced Function Presentation format, is ideal for displaying and printing documents with varied embedded objects.

To Convert or Not Convert—That Is the Question When Managing Multiple Document Formats

Complying with federal regulations, streamlining workflow, and managing assets more efficiently are increasing the need for businesses to capture and store their corporate information.

PDF to TIFF and PDF to JPEG – to Convert or Not to Convert – that is the question

Converting documents from one format to another can have many advantages for organizations, helping them realize increased productivity, better communication and enhanced process improvement, but what format should be used and why?

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