Document Lifecycle Process Improvements– Yes, It is Possible…

We all know the old clichés about business processes – how slowly things move, the bureaucracy and of course, the antiquated ‘paper-pusher’ processes. But, what if there was a solution to at least part of this conundrum? One that functioned behind the scenes to help speed up, and even streamline, any sort of system which involves processing business documents – and isn’t that almost all of them? A solution that managers, customers and we, the professional ‘paper pushers’, would benefit from - creating shorter processing times for forms and transactions. Wouldn’t it be nice if this wondrous technology existed?

Well, there are solutions to address these challenges – not only the viewing and processing of forms and files, but their long-term storage and archiving. Products and services run the gamut from data capture to business process automation and electronic content management – all with an eye towards two fundamental goals – document management and improving the document lifecycle. 

Viewing technology can provide benefits and address specific areas of the document lifecycle: capture, manage/process, store/archive, and deliver:

Data Capture and Storage – What kind of a scan is this?

One of the many focal points for businesses currently is the ongoing process to digitize hard copy documents to create a safer, more secure document library that is more viable long term. As documents are scanned into an electronic format however, several issues need to be addressed. First, once captured electronically, documents must be indexed to enable cataloged archiving and future access and retrieval. Once indexed, files must be stored into a document repository, which must be maintained and administered – managing the data itself, the storage system and the user base. Lastly, access and distribution needs to be determined – who has access, and from where and when.

How can viewing and imaging technology enhance the capture and storage phases of the lifecycle?

Capture: Imaging technology expedites and streamlines the clean-up processes of scanned files, file conversion and document merging.  Using an imaging and conversion SDK you can incorporate capabilities at the point of capture to identify and correct imperfections that may have occurred during the scanning process.   You can utilize a web-based viewer to immediately review the image to ensure it was scanned properly and address any deskew and despeckle issues.

Store/Archive: Viewers can eliminate the need to batch convert and redact files altogether saving time and expense.  The Smart Technology™ inherent in some viewers detects what browser you are using and temporarily converts the requested file into a web-friendly format then delivers it to the viewer for fast and efficient display. Some viewers have the ability to even redact content on the server so that confidential information is blocked out, depending on the user’s permission levels, when the image is retrieved.

Document Processing and Delivery – What’s in it for me?

Document access and processing is greatly enhanced by the implementation of web-based viewing technology, both for internal processes as well as external customers and partners accessing information. 

Manage/Process: Some viewers have sophisticated capabilities built in to streamline document processing. Page on Demand™ enables users to quickly retrieve only the requested pages from multi-page document(s) - further expediting the ability to process and review documents. Virtual documents can also be created so that users open one “document” and are delivered only the pages they need to work on from multiple document sources.  Mark-up capabilities simplify collaboration and communication processes by allowing users to electronically annotate documents with redactions, rubber stamps, sticky notes, highlighted text and more.

Deliver: Some viewers enable users to retrieve virtually any document regardless of the application it was created in (MS Word, Excel, PDF, and more) from anywhere, on any platform.  These true universal pure HTML viewing solutions eliminate the need for the user to download anything on the client side.  This mitigates firewall issues by eliminating the need to accept certificates as well as individual IT maintenance.  A perfect solution when you are unable to control the end-user environment.  And because it is pure HTML productivity is not impacted when users are on the go.  The documents can be accessed from any device that supports a browser including the iPad and smartphones.

Improving the Document Lifecycle For Everyone – How Can We Help You?

No one is spared…every industry is impacted in some way by mandates and regulations. And it seems these days every company is also required to do “more with less”, whether that means less time, less money, or less people.  

Relied upon and trusted by companies around the globe, Snowbound’s document viewing and imaging technology has been implemented by a variety of organizations including; Bank of America, LexisNexis, IBM, Xerox, the US Federal Reserve, and the US Patent and Trademark Office to name a few. 

Contact us today for a complimentary consultation to determine how we help you improve your document lifecycle with high-speed viewing technology.