Document Lifecycle

Document Viewer Automation Tools - for the Life of Your Data

Leveraging the right tools for document processing helps throughout the Document Lifecycle

Taking Sides in the Document Revolution

The document revolution has begun. Systems like Enterprise Content Management, Document Management, Business Process Management, Records Management and others define how companies work with documents from capture to archiving.

Be Master of your Document Domain

The need for effective content management is becoming more and more important to businesses given the growing volume of documents.

Document Lifecycle Process Improvements– Yes, It is Possible…

Viewing technology can provide benefits and address specific areas of the document lifecycle: capture, manage/process, store/archive, and deliver.

Doc of Ages – Modify Documents & the Document Lifecycle with Viewing Technology

The process used to modify documents, track ongoing changes to revisions through document annotation and document redaction, and archive all of these document manipulations (not to mention information security and privacy issues) has become more important, and more complex.

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