Benefits of Standardizing Your Software

The idea of a “one stop shop” is not typically the way companies purchase and deploy licenses from a software vendor.  Organizational silos make this nearly impossible because Division A may not know what Division B is using for their applications.  As a result companies end up buying multiple software offerings that provide the same functionality.  And the bottom line result is that the company pays several times for product, maintenance, and license fees.  

Standardizing on one vendor for specific software provides organizations with several advantages: 

  • Organizational knowledge base and skill set – Multiple projects can be easily and more quickly implemented by using a common code base.
  • Transferable development or integration code – You can maximize ROI with one vendor’s tools or applications by taking advantage of the code for multiple projects.  
  • In-house “think tank” – Having multiple developers familiar with one code base enables faster implementation and promotes collaboration on new project requirements.  
  • Comprehensive maintenance program – When you buy a maintenance package tied to an enterprise license the updates and upgrades cover the product regardless of how many groups are utilizing it.  This not only saves money but also value time for the developers upgrading the applications.  They only need to know one product.  
  • Reliable and responsive support – You form a relationship with the support team who understands your requirements across the organization and can better respond to your needs.
  • Enterprise licensing – Save money by taking advantage of high-volume discounts.  Leverage one product for multiple purposes across departments.   The more licenses that are used throughout the company the greater the price discount.

It is not uncommon in the imaging software market to find that customers are using one product for a specific function such as conversion and another product for rendering and display.  By standardizing on one vendor, these organizations can take advantage of tremendous cost savings.  

Here are a few guidelines to consider when you evaluate vendors:

  • What is the vendor’s stability?  Seek out companies that have longevity and customer satisfaction in the imaging and document manipulation market and can ensure continued product development and support.
  • What is their support policy? Does the vendor have a support team that is committed to your success and available to answer your questions?
  • Is the vendor able to work with you to meet your specific product requirements?
  • Does the vendor work with partners that are established and reputable?
  • Does the vendor offer a solution that can meet the multiple needs across your organization so you can benefit from an enterprise licensing model?
  • Does the vendor offer enterprise licensing discounts?

Today every organization is looking at how they can save money while increasing their efficiency and productivity.   Now is the time to re-evaluate your current technology providers and identify the redundant solutions that you can standardize.  

Snowbound Software provides a complimentary analysis of your imaging and viewing requirements to help you identify additional cost savings for your organizations. 

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