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Are All Documents Created Equally?

When it comes to handing improper documents, extensive testing and staying on your toes are the only answers.

Serving the Vast Majority of the World’s Banks to Meet, and Extend, Document Handling Needs

Software Solutions that Securely Meet the Stringent Requirements of the Financial Services Sector

Time Equals Money in the FDA Drug Submission Process

Fortunately, document viewing technology resolves many of the common problems faced by companies distributing large documents to users.

The Paperless Office – Its Time has Come

Today, with the political and societal push towards green living and environmental stewardship, the paperless office call to action is greater than it has been in decades.

Benefits of Standardizing Your Software

The article highlights the advantages organizations' realize by standardizing on one vendor for specific software.

Can Local and State Government Agencies Capitalize on Obama's "Shovel Ready" Initiative with Advanced ECM Viewing Technology?

Snowbound Software focuses on how contractors, suppliers, and municipal leaders can leverage technology in order to meet the 90-day deadline for breaking ground.

Lenders prepare - brighter days ahead

Now is the time for you to consider solutions that will expedite and streamline your loan application procedures.

The Remote Work Force – Here to Stay

As technology advances continue, it enables more people to work from any location, contributing to a growing remote workforce.

Mobile Health Care on the Rise

Increasingly evident today is that doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals are rapidly adopting mobile technology and using it for patient care.

Imaging Technology Saves the Day for Insurance Claim Processing

Implementing document viewing technology can help insurers streamline the forms process and accelerate workflow through faster document access and simpler review methods.


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