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RasterMaster Java 12.9.11 and RasterMaster .NET 17.9.10 Released

by | Apr 11, 2011

We continue to refine our mature and capable RasterMaster product line with our latest releases, RasterMaster Java SDK v12.9.11, RasterMaster .NET SDK v17.9.10 and RasterMaster DLL SDK v17.9.10.

These releases include better support for:

  • international characters in our MO:DCA (AFP), Office, and PDF format support
  • write-password protected PDF files now render output
  • Office files with macros, hidden data and Excel merged rows now render better
  • better alpha channel processing for TIFF images

If you haven’t obtained a release recently here are some of the enhancements we’ve made in the last few maintenance updates:

  • PDF raster output is now PDF/A compliant
  • better handling of PDF documents created by Kofax, Xerox and other PDF creators
  • better handling of PDF documents that have invalid or incomplete cross reference data
  • MO:DCA (AFP) documents make better use of embedded fonts
  • several edge-case fixes for the IMGLOW_extract_text method

As always we are happy to provide our  customers with the latest and greatest product releases. To get your update please enter a support ticket at