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Announcing Snowbatch 4.1 using RasterMaster DLL 17.9.10

by | Apr 12, 2011

Our batch conversion product SnowBatch v4.1 is based on our RasterMaster imaging SDK.  The 4.1 release of SnowBatch:

  • adds a feature to allow you to delete partially converted files from the output and see the deleted filenames in the log
  • the “success” and “failed” folders can now be specified on the command line
  • corrects an issue with producing color pdf output for AFP documents
  • adds better handling of HTML documents

We update SnowBatch with each RasterMaster release to help you process a wider variety of documents and get better output. We have been making lots of improvements to AFP (MO:DCA), Word, Excel and PDF format support.  The current production version of SnowBatch is v4.1 based on RasterMaster DLL 17.9.10.

Contact Snowbound Software Technical Support at to get your SnowBatch update.