RasterMaster® SDK Features

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  • API for drawing freehand or use standard ellipses (filled or regular), line, arrows, polygons (filled or regular), or rectangles (filled, highlighted, or regular)
  • Insert bitmaps
  • Merge the annotation with the image (“burn in” annotations and redactions)
  • Create multiple annotation layers (useful for securing data and information)
  • Apply watermarks such as date and time stamp, confidential disclaimers, and more either manually or through an automated function
  • Ability to resize objects and the annotation will remain linked with the underlying image
  • Rotate annotation data
  • Add sticky notes with text edit capability
  • Save annotations as separate files or merge them into a document permanently
  • Ability to read, edit and save IBM FileNet and Brava annotations

Please note all annotation and extraction functionality is standard in our SDKs. No additional cost is required. 

In development - Redaction in RasterMaster is currently being enhanced with more capabilities and performance. We encourage you to take a look at VirtualViewer's redaction capabilities. It is feature-rich, robust solution that works out of the box. No programming required.

Snowbound offers a wide range of solutions for the compression and decompression of images and documents — from enabling your organization to view files with specialized compressions, to the conversion and compression of large batches of files on a server.

Snowbound's products support many forms of image compression including:

In all of Snowbound's document viewing and conversion SDKs and applications, image compression is handled directly and rapidly without having to invoke a print driver or any other external application. In addition, you have access to over 140 crucial imaging functions, such as the ability to merge multiple documents, add annotations and text searching to name a few.

  • Auto detection of document and image formats
  • Automatic pixel depth conversion
  • Automatic color detection – identifies pages that are not using color so they can be saved in black and white to improve performance and save space
  • Convert in memory for higher speeds

  • Smart APIs that allow each imaging function to operate on input of any format - no need for format specific API calls
  • Powerful APIs for decompression, viewing, compression, conversion, printing, scanning and saving

  • Anti-aliasing — for optimal display of documents and images
  • Fit to height or width
  • Flip X and Y Rotation in hundredth degrees or in 90 degree increments
  • Scrolling — high speed
  • Display brightness, contrast and gamma correction
  • Display functions including zoom, rubber band zoom, pan and scroll
  • Thumbnails
  • Aspect ratio correction


OCR (Optical Character Recognition) allows users to perform text and pattern search on raster files such as TIFF and PNG, as well as text selection after the document has been OCRed. After OCRing a document, users can perform workflows that include highlighting and redacting text.

  • Rotate, Zoom, Flip, and Invert - Manipulate the image in a variety of ways, including rotating in hundredth degrees or 90 degree increments 
  • Crop and Resize - Easily remove a region of the image or change the entire size 
  • Add Cartoon Bubbles – easily insert comic speech bubbles to photos 
  • Deskew, Despeckle, and Sharpen - Clean-up images and make basic corrections by removing noise without blurring edges 
  • Adjust Brightness, Contrast, and Gamma - Use picture controls to enhance images for better viewing or special effects 
  • Apply Imaging Filters - Convert color images to grayscale or antique (sepia tones) 
  • Remove Red Eye and Border - Make your photos look professional 
  • Add Annotations - Rubber stamps, redaction capabilities, highlighting, “sticky notes”, and more. 

Text and formatting data can be easily extracted from:

  • AFP
  • PCL
  • PDF
  • MS Word
  • MS Excel
  • MS PPT
  • RTF

  • Crop, paste and merge
  • Deskew and Despeckle image cleanup to remove noise from images without blurring edges
  • Scale-to-gray resizing for 1bit images
  • Bicubic interpolation resizing for color images
  • Border removal
  • Color reduction
  • Dithering functions
  • Image processing (Contrast, brightness, gamma correction)

Watermarks allow users to protect documents and intellectual property from being copied, as well as streamline their document archiving and optimize their event-driven workflows.

Watermarks functionality includes:

  • The ability to customize the appearance of the watermark (direction, location, and sizing), the text of the watermark, and the opacity of the watermark (transparent or solid).
  • The ability to select predefined watermarks such as "Edited by", "time/date printed", "page number", "total pages", and "document name" to expedite the workflow process.
  • Functionality for administrators to restrict who has access to the watermarks feature based on user permissions.

  • High-resolution printing, including EPS and PCL output
  • Saving to multiple formats
  • Save as single or multi-page documents

To meet the needs of customers who require access to Twain devices (including cameras or scanners) from within a Java or .NET applet or application, Snowbound provides a Twain scanning option to work with RasterMaster. For RM Java, this option includes a Windows resident DLL that interfaces between the Java client and the Twain device allowing control of the scanner.