Snowbound Software's RasterMaster Viewing and Conversion SDK provides companies with the tools to develop high-speed document viewing and conversion applications or integrate conversion functions into larger systems. We are dedicated to providing the fastest tools in the industry. 

Here are some document and check batch processing benchmarks (Tested with Extended v. 15 for Windows)

Image Conversion

Pages Per Minute

Group 4 (1 bit) to PDF (1 bit)1728
JPEG (8 bit, 7kB) to PDF (24 bit)2000
ABIC (1 bit) to TIFF (1 bit)4286
TIFF (1 bit) to MO:DCA (1 bit)1800  
JBIG (1 bit) to TIFF (1 bit)400
PCL (1 bit, 473 kB) to TIFF (1 bit)818
Word (28 kB) to TIFF (1 bit)620
Excel (15 kB) to TIFF685
PDF (24 bit, 102 kB) to TIFF120
PDF (24 bit, 1 kB) to TIFF400
Word (28 kB) to JPEG100
AFP MO:DCA (1 bit) to TIFF15,180
AFP MO:DCA (1 bit) to JPEG)4,000
PDF (24 bit, 1 kB) to JPEG95
TIFF (1 bit, 2 kB) to PCL (1 bit)900