Success Story: Government Agency

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How A Large Government Agency Leveraged VirtualViewer To Manage Millions of Personnel Records


A large government agency with millions of members.


To manage personnel records and payment information for each member and make said documents and images easily accessible for all users. The document trail for each individual spans the duration of their time with the agency, which results in a repository with hundreds of millions of documents. The agency needed to move away from old, custom-developed and Windows-based image viewers that were cumbersome, difficult to maintain, and presented security risks.


This government agency turned to Snowbound’s document viewer, VirtualViewer, to manage their repository containing hundreds of millions of documents and provide their users with simple and quick access to their personnel records and payment information. The agency needed a viewer that supported multiple document types, including TIFF and PDF/A, for both viewing and archival purposes. The agency initially used the VirtualViewer Java applet before transitioning to VirtualViewer.


In addition to eliminating security and management issues with their old custom viewers, VirtualViewer enabled this agency to provide their users with more streamlined access to their personnel records. Now millions of users are able to view critical information related to their records via any device that has access to a web browser.