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Latest Releases

December 2020

VirtualViewer® HTML5 v.5.5
VirtualViewer v5.5 is now available. This release includes JRE 8 support, the introduction of a RESTful Content Handler, and additional OCR capabilities. Also, an important security flaw in iText/Bouncy Castle is addressed and resolved in this release. 

  Click here for the full release notes

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RasterMaster® v20.6
RasterMaster v20.6 is now available. This release includes improved thread interruption capabilities for PDFs, support for email attachments, and the ability to retrieve Exchangeable Image File Format (EXIF) metadata from JPEG images.

  Click here for the full release notes. 

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End of Life

Java 7 End of Life Notice
Snowbound's policy is to move to the latest Java Long Term Support release 18 months after its original release date, at which point we will no longer support previous releases. This means in March 2020, we will be moving to only support the latest Java Long Term Support Release, Java 11. The last VirtualViewer build to support Java 7 will be v5.2.


v20.5 (September 2020)
As previously indicated in our 20.4 notice, we planned to release 20.5 later in the fall with support for JRE 8. Fortunately, we were able to get this out sooner than expected. Click here for release notes

v20.4 (August 2020)
This release includes new file format support, additional OCR capabilities, and improved security. Click here for release notes. 

v20.3 (April 2019)
This release includes upgraded RasterMaster Java target from JDK 1.7 to JDK11, updated overlay callback API for AFP file conversion, and additional MS Office XML support. Click here for release notes. 

v20.2 (September 2019)
This release includes enhancements to our MS Office XML support. Click here for release notes. 

v20.0 for Java (May 2019)
Performance enhancements for large documents and bug fixes. Click here for the full release notes (5-13-19). 

v14.12 for Java
v19.12 for .NET

Bug fixes and format support enhancements. Click here for the full release notes (3-5-19). 

v14.11 for Java
v19.11 for .NET

Significant speed and performance enhancements for viewing and managing Microsoft Office and PDF documents. Click here for the full release notes. 

v14.10 for Java 
v19.10 for .NET 

OCR beta supporting VirtualViewer, improved XFA and HTML support, and updated sample code and samples.

v14.9 for Java 
v19.9 for .NET 

Microsoft Office Excel support for diagrams, charts, and graphs. Additions and fixes for Microsoft Office Powerpoint. Other enhancements for stability, performance, and special capabilities.

v14.8 for Java 
v19.8 for .NET 

v14.7 for Java 
v19.7 for .NET 

v14.6 for Java 
v19.6 for .NET 
The new version includes streamlined text extraction, pattern-based text searching, increased speed and performance for Microsoft Office documents, and DWG support.

v14.4 for Java 
v19.5 for .NET