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A tool built by developers for developers to leverage powerful imaging & conversion capabilities into your applications

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What Sets Our SDK Apart

  • Easy-to-use APIs & Samples: Thanks to an extensive set of APIs, RasterMaster is a flexible piece of software that can be deployed in a variety of ways to meet your specific imaging and conversion development projects.
  • We Tackle Difficult Formats:  Because we own and manage the majority of our format library we don’t have to rely on third-party software to support formats such as MS Office and PDF allowing us to more easily troubleshoot your complex documents. 
  • We Prioritize Speed: Quickly convert large files on the fly for viewing, batch convert large amounts of document types, or convert via byte array. 
  • We Let You Evaluate Quickly: Try a 30-day evaluation

Extensive Document Support

  • Hundreds of Formats: AFP, MO:DCA, PDF, MS Office, DWG, TIFF, JPEG, TIFF, PNG, MOV, audio files and more.
  • Long Term Archiving & Universal Compatibility: Output to PDF, PDF/A and TIFF
  • High Resolution Viewing: Output vector formats to SVG for crisp images that can be quickly rotated and zoomed without losing fidelity.   We developed our own SVG technology to meet both Snowbound’s standards of excellence and customer needs.
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A Proven Brand

  • Trusted Since 1996: Fortune 2000 companies with millions of users—including top banks, insurance companies, healthcare, shipping, and industry leading document management companies—have depended on RasterMaster for over two decades to serve their most urgent and demanding applications.
  • The Java Experts: RasterMaster is continually enhanced with new functionality and formats and was developed by Snowbound’s experts who have nearly a hundred years of combined imaging expertise.​

Responsive Support

  • Award-Winning Support: Our comprehensive array of support programs range from 24x7 support to Standard Maintenance offering product updates and upgrades.
  • Support Portal: Our support portal allows customers to submit tickets, monitor your cases, upload files for review, search for solutions, and more.







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“Snowbound’s RasterMaster® technology still is one of the best-performing solutions I have seen through 10 years in this business.”

— Frank Gronenborn, IT Architect, ARAG

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