Snowbound supports converting to SVG documents for high quality rendering.

Snowbound's SVG Support

SVG in our RasterMaster® Conversion SDK

After researching commonly used third-party SVG conversion tools, Snowbound developed its own SVG technology to meet both Snowbound’s standards of excellence and customer needs. The new version of RasterMaster can transform all popular document formats – including PDF, AFP, MS Office, and PCL – into browser-compliant SVG format output.

With RasterMaster®:

  • SVG can be used with text-based or line drawings (CAD, Flow charts, and graphs) for browser display at any resolution with perfect rendering.
  • Zoom levels are unlimited with no degradation of text, curves, or lines.
  • Viewers can be created that offer perfect resolution of documents.
  • Documents can be outputted to both SVG and bitmap (JPEG, PNG, GIF).

SVG in our VirtualViewer® HTML5 Viewer

Because the SVG format is supported by all popular browsers, Snowbound’s browser-based document viewer, VirtualViewer® HTML5, can easily display high quality SVG documents.

With VirtualViewer®:

  • Documents are displayed at any resolution with perfect rendition
  • Zoom levels are unlimited with no degradation of text, curves, or lines.
  • The download size of documents is greatly reduced in comparison to bitmaps, allowing much greater transmission speed.
  • There are far less server memory requirements than when generating bitmaps, significantly increasing capacity per server.
  • SVG can be used with text-based or line drawings (CAD, Flow charts, and graphs) and bitmap images can be viewed.
  • There is no need to install any application; it all can be done with the browser.

What Is SVG?

SVG (scalable vector graphics) is a recently supported browser image format that dramatically enhances document display quality on the web. In contrast to the previously available bitmap formats supported by browsers (GIF, JPEG or PNG) that store and draw images as dot patterns, the SVG XML format draws documents in lines and arcs (vectors). This allows the display of highly accurate and crisp text, lines, graphs and charts without any pixilation when zooming. PDF, Word and other text-based documents and CAD drawings all benefit.

The Benefits of SVG

  • Great display quality and superbly crisp images
  • Much faster zooming, panning and rotation because no server access is required
  • Smaller document sizes resulting in faster download response
  • Greater server capacity because document sizes are reduced
  • Supported by all popular browsers


Avoid surprises and delays. Snowbound Software recommends that, as part of your evaluation process, you test your own sample documents against our products. Though we've been in the document business for almost 20 years, modifications to document formats occur from time to time. Often they don't conform to specifications, but you may find it important to work with them. Snowbound, unlike most of our competitors, develops it own technology. If in the rare case you come across a problem or non-conforming document or image, we can often quickly fix it.