Snowbound's document viewer and conversion SDK supports the HTML format, providing companies with a reliable solution to easily view and convert HTML pages to many other file formats.

Snowbound's Solutions for HTML Files

Snowbound’s HTML format support makes it possible to render and capture entire HTML files – including styles, images, colors and tables – so that both the information and correct appearance of the page can be archived and rendered without losing any data integrity. Our technology enables you to capture web pages and data from web-based forms with the same level of viewing quality that users expect within Firefox, Chrome, Safari or Internet Explorer. It also makes it possible to view emails, reports and MS Word documents that have been saved as HTML files.

HTML Viewing, Conversion and Text Extraction

  • Our RasterMaster® Conversion SDK enables developers to build viewing and conversion capabilities directly into an application to support HTML format. The HTML files can be converted to any other writable format supported in the library including TIFF and PDF, further simplifying archiving and distribution processes. 
  • Our powerful VirtualViewer® HTML5 viewer enables you to view, convert, annotate, and print HTML files through a standard Web browser. 


Avoid surprises and delays. Snowbound Software recommends that, as part of your evaluation process, you test your own sample documents against our products. Though we've been in the document business for almost 20 years, modifications to document formats occur from time to time. Often they don't conform to specifications, but you may find it important to work with them. Snowbound, unlike most of our competitors, develops it own technology. If in the rare case you come across a problem or non-conforming document or image, we can often quickly fix it.

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