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Add advanced functions for MS Office files without plug-ins, downloads or print drivers 

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Why RasterMaster stands out

The Office SDK That Stands Out

There are a number of Office SDK options available but not all are created equal. Over the years we have solved customers’ use cases across thousands of implementations. What has made our RasterMaster MS Office SDK a market leader for the past two decades?

  • Accuracy, clarity and reliability: SVG output capabilities provides enhanced computation and download efficiencies.   
  • Additional format support: If you need more than just Office documents we support PDF, AFP, CAD, Audio, Video and more
  • Flexibility & Problem files: Because we developed and own our Office codebase we are able to work with problem files as well as configure to your specific requirements. 
  • Performance: Build viewing, conversion and over 140 other expert imaging functions into your application to support MS Office files without needing to invoke a print driver or another external application.
  • Versions: Our MS Office bundle includes support for .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .ppt, .pptx, .rtf, .msg and .eml files.  We also offer an Open Document Formats option (ODF) that can be included with our standard MS Office bundle for .ODT, .ODS and .ODP. 
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Easy-To-Use APIs

Your toolbox to quickly add features and functions into your PDF application:

  • Convert – to/from PDF without invoking a printer as well as convert to/from grayscale
  • Decompress
  • Split & Merge
  • Manipulate – Ability to add and delete pages
  • Annotation & Watermarks
  • Search and Extract
  • And more
Image with the word SDK surrounded by a gear to depict that the SDK is the engine driving all of the document support.

Technical Specs

Our PDF SDK is written in pure Java to ensure cross-platform support.

  • Development Environments: Eclipse; Any Java development environment
  • Java Runtime Environments: JRE 1.8*, 1.11* (*long term support) 
  • Operating Systems: Any Java Compatible OS (Unix, Linux, and Windows)
  • Compact library: Under 1 MB

Extensive Array of Advanced Features

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Viewing Features

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Photo Imaging


Text Extraction

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Image Cleanup

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Printing & Saving


Twain Scanning

24 Hour Responsive Support

Responsive Support

  • Award-Winning Support: Our comprehensive array of support programs range from 24×7 support to Standard Maintenance offering product updates and upgrades.
  • Support Portal: Our support portal allows customers to submit tickets, monitor your cases, upload files for review, search for solutions, and more.
24 Hour Responsive Support