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The Right Java PDF SDK 

There are a number of PDF SDK options available but not all are created equal. Over the years we have solved customers' use cases across thousands of implementations. What has made our RasterMaster PDF SDK a market leader for the past two decades?

  • Accuracy, clarity and reliability - SVG output capabilities provides enhanced computation and download efficiencies.  
  • Additional format support - If you need more than just PDF we support MS OfficeAFP, CAD, Audio, Video and more
  • Flexibility & Problem files - Because we developed and own our PDF codebase we are able to work with problem files as well as configure to your specific requirements. 
  • Performance -Access PDF documents from memory or a directory. Color detection identifies pages not using color and saves in black and white saving space and time. 
  • PDF Versions - PDF 1.3-1.7, PDF/A, XFA
  • Font Support - Type 0, Type 1, TrueType and CFF

Easy-To-Use APIs

Your toolbox to quickly add features and functions into your PDF application:  

  • Convert - to/from PDF without invoking a printer as well as convert to/from grayscale
  • Decompress 
  • Render - Produce images or SVG output to enable zooming without pixelation
  • Split & Merge
  • Manipulate - Ability to add and delete pages
  • Annotation & Watermarks
  • Search and Extract 
  • And more

Technical Specs

Our PDF SDK is written in pure Java to ensure cross-platform support.

  • Development Environments- Eclipse; Any Java development environment
  • Java Runtime Environments- JRE 1.8*, 1.11* (*long term support) 
  • Operating Systems - Any Java Compatible OS (Unix, Linux, and Windows)
  • Compact library - Under 1 MB

Dedicated Support and Flexible Pricing To Meet Your Needs

Dedicated support team - 24x7 online support portal as well as various support packages backed by a responsive support team.

Pricing begins at $5,500* plus distribution. We offer a variety of pricing options to meet your specific needs and OEM pricing models. To learn more about our licensing and distribution costs, please contact our sales department at 1-617-607-2010 or by e-mail.

Learn more about PDF & SVG in our eBooks