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You can test drive VirtualViewer's viewing, annotation, redaction and manipulation functionality immediately with the test documents. After you’ve explored VirtualViewer® HTML5, you can request a full trial version to install and configure to meet your needs. It is available for either Java or .NET.

Demo Tips

  • User Interface: See page 4 of the demo document (embedded in the viewer) for a review of the interface icons for the HTML5 document viewer.
  • Annotations: See page 6 of the demo document for tips on creating the Annotations. Please note that for the purposes of this demonstration annotation saving has been disabled. Once you move to another page in the document, any annotations you created will be deleted.
  • Reset the viewer: In the rare case where the viewer needs to be reset select CTRL+F5 to refresh the viewer.
  • Quick Reference for the HTML5 Online Demo
  • Note: IE9 users with the MS patch from 11/13/12 may experience missing pages in some scenarios.  

We Value Your Feedback

Customer imput is important to our product development team.   We value your comments and appreciate your time.  Please take a moment to share your feedback

VirtualViewer® HTML5 Examples

VirtualViewer can be configured to meet your specific business needs and workflow processes.  Below are several examples of how organizations around the globe are using VirtualViewer. Click an industry to expand view the examples. 

30-Day Eval

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