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Get the most out of your Documentum application with advanced viewing

IMPORTANT: Log4j Vulnerability and Your Snowbound Products. Click here for information to determine if you have an impacted product and how to mitigate the issue.

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Extending The Default Viewer

  • Extensive Format Support: One viewer for all your formats, including AFP, PDF, MS Office, DWG, TIFF, MOV, audio files and more.
  • High-Speed Viewing for Large Files: Document rendering and processing is split between the server and browser to deliver high-speed response times.
  • Advanced Features and Functions: Annotate, redact, split & merge, document comparison and more.
  • Intuitive Navigation Capabilities: Find the content you need quickly with our search and highlight capabilities, bookmarks, thumbnails, and the ability to open multiple documents in the same window using document tabs.
  • Our Own Library: Because we own and manage the majority of our format library we don’t have to rely on third-party software to support formats such as MS Office and PDF.
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Snowbound + Documentum through the years

Snowbound had a long standing relationship with EMC after becoming an official partner in 2006, providing flexible viewing modules that easily integrated with Documentum. Even after the acquisition by OpenText, we continue to work with Documentum System Integrators and end user customers to leverage our sample code to integrate VirtualViewer with their legacy Documentum applications.

“As an OpenText Consulting Preferred Partner, we have experience with many solutions available in the market. By partnering with Snowbound, we can deliver customers advanced HTML5 viewing and collaboration functionality that is not available in the default viewer of content management systems.”

— Alper Kaynarkan, CEO, Planet Group

Cloud Computing

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Installation & Integration

  • Installing and Testing: Installing the VirtualViewer® HTML5 standalone application takes less than 10 minutes for POCs on any desktop, laptop, and virtual machine. We also provide samples to help get you started with your integration for your Documentum applications (D2, xCP 1 & 2, TaskSpace, and Webtop).
  • APIs (Javascript & REST APIs) / Callbacks: We have a library of APIs and developer tools to make integrating and leveraging the technology simple and easy.
  • True Cross-Platform Support: Flexible architecture for Cloud, On-Prem & Hybrid deployments
  • Complete Mobility: Access your documents from any device that supports a web browser, including tablets and smartphones.
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Video Support

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Mobile Viewing

True Secure Redaction

Annotate & Collaborate

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Configurable User Interface (UI)

Document Creation/ Manipulation

High Speed Viewing

Multiple Document Support

Powerful Search

Text Extraction

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