VirtualViewer® HTML5

Take your viewing to the next level with Snowbound's VirtualViewer® HTML5—a powerful document viewer with support for all popular document and image types.

It's not just viewing, though. As an independent company with over twenty years of experience, Snowbound's flagship HTML5 document viewer streamlines your processes with robust functionality, including annotation, redaction, split & merge, and so much more.

Easy to Use in Any Environment

True Cross-Platform Support (Cloud, On-Prem & Hybrid):

VirtualViewer® HTML5 operates on any browser platform and thanks to its flexible, HTML5 architecture, VirtualViewer HTML5 can be seamlessly integrated into any cloud-based solution. Whether your existing content management system is hosted via an on-premise server, cloud-based-server, or a hybrid solution, VirtualViewer HTML5 can take your document viewing to the next level with robust file format support and advanced feature functionality.

The viewer is powered by RasterMaster, Snowbound’s powerful and flexible document conversion and imaging SDK that allows users to build their own applications and execute batch processing within their existing workflow.

Version 5.0 Speeds Document Viewing, Introduces New Features

The major version release features a new user interface and greatly reduces processing and load times for large documents. Said Jason Clippert from H2, "While beta testing VirtualViewer HTML5 across our environments, I experienced improvements in load times for images of varying types and sizes, with results that ranged from 20% to 50% faster. The biggest improvement was seen on large images where our load times were cut in half."

To learn more about VirtualViewer HTML5 v5.0, click here.

No Downloads:

No application download or client-side installation is required, making it a trouble-free solution for users as well as IT administrators. Retrieve, view, annotate and redact through any browser without requiring any creator application such as Microsoft Word or Adobe Acrobat.

Robust Document Support: 

View, annotate and redact hundreds of different document and image formats all from a single user interface without relying on any additional applications.


The viewer operates on any device with a web browser, including mobile phones and tablets, eliminating the need for downloads/installations and allowing users to easily view documents on-the-go. 


  • Javascript APIs
  • REST APIs: We provide a set of REST endpoints/webhooks that provide a non-Java way of interfacing with the content server

Responsive Support:

Our expert, responsive internal support team is available to answer your questions 24x7.

New Blog Post:

CEO Simon Wieczner uses Digital Trends data to explain the importance of modern browsers:

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How to optimize your viewer for large-scale deployments with the use of load balancing:


High Speed Viewing

Document rendering and processing is split between the server and browser to deliver an extremely high-speed response.

Split & Merge Documents

Advanced page manipulation features like split, merge, reorder, add, delete, extract, and export ensures users meet their case management needs. 

Annotation & True Redaction

Users are able to annotate and redact documents, as well as collaborate on those annotations with tagging, bookmarks, navigation, and commenting tools.

Multi-Page & Multi-Document Navigation

Quickly navigate between documents and pages using tabbed windows and thumbnails.

Split Screen View

Allows users to simultaneously compare documents side-by-side during the review process so they can easily spot differences.

Text Search & Extraction

Locates desired content within text-based documents and displays highlighted results. After locating desired content, users can copy and extract text elsewhere.

User Preferences

Users customize VirtualViewer directly to their unique needs by concealing or displaying specific tools and functions.

Localized UI

The viewer’s intelligent localization capabilities auto-detect browser settings and display in the proper language.  


Customizable watermarks allow users to protect documents and intellectual property from being copied, as well as better collaborate with other users on the same document.


Allows users to perform text and pattern search on raster files such as TIFF and PNG, as well as text selection after the document has been OCRed.

Document Comparison

Allows users to compare two different text documents side-by-side in a split screen and navigate through the highlighted differences.

Video Support

Enables users to view video files from their browser without ever having to leave the viewer. Users have access to all video formats supported by their browser, including mp4, m4v, mkv, web, ogv and ogg.

“VirtualViewer® from Snowbound fit very nicely into our existing back-end system. We needed a web viewing application that would provide our customers with access to shipping order status data, and that wouldn’t interfere with the systems we already had in place. Snowbound recognized our needs as a business and proposed the technical solution that solved our problems.” 

— Tim Lalonde, IT Director, Manitoulin Transport

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