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Snowbound + ArkCase

Since 2015, VirtualViewer® has been the advanced viewing module for ArkCase in both the enterprise and community versions of the case management solution enabling users to:

  • Eliminate the need for creator applications: Open and work with a variety of documents, images and videos directly from ArkCase’s user interface without having to download the files or rely on native applications such as Adobe or Microsoft Office.
  • Secure sensitive information (PII): Redact documents, regardless of the file type, to ensure confidential information is removed.
  • Collaborate electronically: Annotate any file to include watermarks, sticky notes, text-based annotations and more. Metadata is applied to each annotation allowing you to provide an audit trail on documents.
  • Streamline workflows: Enable users to view multiple documents at once in different tabs, as well as create and manipulate documents with a variety of page manipulation tools, including drag and drop. Once a new document has been created, it can be saved back to the repository.

Partner Success Stories:

The Public Defender Service for the District of Columbia (PDS)

Learn how PDS leverages ArkCase for their cloud-based case management solution to completely digitize their process and eliminate 29,000 boxes of paper-based information. What used to take PDS days, they can now do in seconds with VirtualViewer extended the ArkCase solution.

The Federal Investigative Services (FIS) of OPM

Learn how this federal agency partnered with Armedia to migrate over 600 million images (more than 40 terabytes) from their legacy Oracle Stellant platform to Alfresco with ArkCase and VirtualViewer. This scalable solution enables them to easily conduct over two million background investigations each year.

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“At ArkCase, we look to integrate best-of-breed products in order to streamline customer’s processes. Snowbound’s VirtualViewer was a clear choice for our platform due to its seamless integration and robust document viewing capabilities.”

— Ray Azarm, VP Enterprise Practice, ArkCase

Get to know ArkCase

ArkCase provides an adaptive, dynamic case management platform to support your business solutions. At the convergence of CRM, ECM and BPM, ArkCase helps you reduce the complexity and unpredictability of your organization’s case loads. It extends your existing ECM platform and is available for both cloud and on-premise deployments.