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Snowbound Launches Alfresco QuickShare Support

Jan 24, 2018

New version includes support for Alfresco QuickShare as well as watermarks, pattern-based text search, and split screen view

Waltham, MA (January 24, 2018) – Snowbound Software, the market leader in document viewing technology, today announced the release of VirtualViewer HTML5 v4.10 for Alfresco with Alfresco QuickShare support. Snowbound has been an official Alfresco Technology Partner since 2014, providing Alfresco users with a faster and more robust document viewing solution that replaces the default PDF.js viewer.

The latest version of VirtualViewer® HTML5 for Alfresco, which embeds directly into the Alfresco Share interface, introduces support for Alfresco’s QuickShare, as well as watermarks and other customer-requested features. Zia Consulting, a Snowbound and Alfresco partner that delivers ECM solutions across a variety of industries, described the benefits of QuickShare and advanced viewing:

“We have been a partner with Snowbound since 2016 delivering solutions to our customers who require more functionality than what is available in the default viewer,” said Gi Lee, Principal Solutions Engineer and Manager at Zia Consulting. “The addition of QuickShare support in VirtualViewer HTML5 for Alfresco allows external users to securely collaborate without ever having to leave the viewing interface.”

The latest version of the viewer for Alfresco includes:

Alfresco QuickShare Support: QuickShare is the ability for a logged-in user to create or close a public Alfresco hyperlink to share with someone who isn’t authenticated in Alfresco and exists outside of the permission levels. With this release, a logged-in user can access a QuickShare link and then view and modify the document through VirtualViewer. An unauthenticated user can access the QuickShare link and view the document, but cannot save any modifications to the document.

“Because QuickShare eliminates the need to download and email files, the authorized user can quickly and more efficiently view, annotate, and markup their content in the viewer,” said Lee.

Watermark Support: This release includes support for Watermarks in VirtualViewer for Alfresco, allowing users to protect documents and intellectual from being copied by marking page backgrounds with specific notifications such as “Private”, “Confidential”, and “Do Not Distribute”. When the user is done modifying the document, the watermarks can be saved back into the Alfresco repository.

Split Screen: The new split screen view allows users to launch a lower panel to visually compare documents side-by-side during the review process, as well as display data in one view and manipulate in another. The result is a cleaner user experience, a streamlined review process, and less memory required on the server.

Additional enhancements Snowbound has recently made to its VirtualViewer integration for Alfresco are faster performance, DWG Layer & xref support, pattern-based text searching, and drag & drop functionality.

“With still more enhancements coming to the product this year we are in a great place to grow with our current and new Alfresco customers,” said Jean-Baptiste Ronfard, Snowbound Software’s Business Development Manager and Alfresco Channel Manager.