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Snowbound Adds Page Manipulation & Search Enhancements to VirtualViewer HTML5

Aug 9, 2016

VirtualViewer HTML5 v4.4 now includes exciting enhancements for document workflows using the award-winning document viewer

Waltham, MA (August 9, 2016) – Snowbound Software, the market leader in document viewing technology, today announced the release of VirtualViewer HTML5 4.4 for both Java and .NET, the latest version of the firm’s award-winning pure HTML5 document viewer. Version 4.4 introduces valuable collaboration and search tools, including the ability to search annotation text, consolidate annotation layers, and cropping.

  • Search Annotation Text
    The viewer now provides users the ability to search for text though all text-based annotations in the current document using the Search tab in the Thumbnail panel, making collaboration on documents even easier. 
  • Consolidate Annotation Layers
    Allows users to consolidate all annotation layers of a document into a single layer so all annotations can be easily viewed. 
  • Crop Page Selection*
    The viewer now gives the user the ability to select a specific portion of a page using a rectangle tool to crop out the rest of the page. The cropped portion outside of the selected area is deleted from the page and the selected area can be saved out using save as or export. 
  • Page Rotation Capabilities
    Users are now able to rotate specific pages as needed, making it easy to view documents and images as desired. 

Snowbound’s VirtualViewer HTML5 document viewer is a pure HTML document viewing solution enabling file retrieval through a universal web application. It does not require any client-side installation or plug-ins such as Flash, Adobe, or Office. VirtualViewer HTML5 works with any standard browser, provides on-the-go mobile document viewing, and delivers flexible cross-platform support. It is available for both Java and .NET.

“As we see greater and greater customer demand for HTML5 document viewing, we have strived to increase our product capabilities to meet market needs,” said Simon Wieczner, President and CEO of Snowbound Software. “This latest release of VirtualViewer is another example of how we enhance our products to make them more useful to the banks, insurance companies, and OEMs that utilize our technology.”