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Snowbound Improves Fault Tolerance, Expands Viewer Accessibility with Speech Synthesis

Oct 17, 2019

The newest version of VirtualViewer® HTML5 (v5.1) includes new WCAG-compliant accessibility features, as well as support for audio.

Waltham, MA (October 17, 2019) – Snowbound Software, the market leader in document viewing and conversion technology, today announced the release of VirtualViewer® HTML5 v5.1, the firm’s award-winning web-based document viewer that allows users to view hundreds of different file types from a browser window. The latest version of VirtualViewer introduces important accessibility features, such as speech synthesis and compatibility with screen readers.

“We are excited about the addition of these accessibility features to the viewer,” said Simon Wieczner, Snowbound’s CEO. “Speech synthesis improves the usability of the viewer for all types of visitors, including those with visual impairments, and makes it possible for companies to serve the document viewing and management needs of more individuals in their user community.”

The full set of new features include:

  • Speech Synthesis & New Accessibility Enhancements
  • Audio/MP3 Support
  • New Fault tolerance capabilities and overall stability improvements

Speech Synthesis & New Accessibility Enhancements
VirtualViewer now can read documents that have text, ensuring that people with visual impairments or reading disabilities can review documents within the viewer. When a user opens a document that contains text, a button to toggle the speech controls will show up on the toolbar at the top. The speech controls bar gives the user the ability to play, stop and pause the text-to-speech.

In addition to the speech synthesis, the viewer is now also compatible with screen readers, providing additional accessibility support for blind or visually impaired users.

Watch a quick demo of speech synthesis here.

“Snowbound is committed to expanding our WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) support, as well as serving the reliability needs of our enterprise users with increased fault tolerance and high throughput. We regularly work with our customers to ensure we serve their critical requirements.”

Mike Sabourin, COO at Snowbound