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Snowbound Continues To Break Records In 2019

Jul 18, 2019

New customer sales are highest year to date since company’s inception

Waltham, MA (July 18, 2019) – Snowbound Software, the market leader in document viewing and conversion technology, today announced continued record-breaking sales for 2019. Throughout the year, the company has seen new business explode around its flagship product, VirtualViewer® HTML5, and several new partnerships.

In June, the company released a major version update to VirtualViewer (5.0) that featured a streamlined user interface, enhanced collaboration tools and greatly reduced processing and load times for large documents.

Year to date, VirtualViewer sales have accounted for nearly 75% of all new business sales as enterprises across a variety of industries continue to migrate to Snowbound’s powerful web-based viewers to meet their document management needs.

“This year is the reward to the efforts we have put into our products,” said Simon Wieczner, Snowbound CEO and co-founder. “Our focus on enterprise workflow requirements provides our customers with a comprehensive array of functions to make their processes more efficient, faster, and easier to use no matter what document they need to handle.”

Other 2019 year to date highlights include:

  • New customers sales are up by 70% (year over year)
  • Total sales growth of 15% (year over year)
  • Sales from existing customers are up more than 200% (year over year)
  • International sales have grown to 25% of total business

In addition to the release of VirtualViewer HTML5 v5.0, the company also released RasterMaster v20.0, a document conversion and imaging SDK that powers VirtualViewer HTML5. The latest version features greatly improved MS Office capabilities and higher performance.

Looking forward to the rest of the year, Snowbound expects even more growth via their partnerships with cloud-based software providers Pega and Alfresco. A recent study by Gartner reported that the cloud industry is expected to grow by 17.5% in 2019.

“We are seeing more and more interest in managed services due in part to the success of our partners with similar cloud-based offerings,” said Jody Spencer, Snowbound’s Director of Marketing and Partner Relations. “As the market continues to embrace a cloud-first strategy for new and existing applications and suppliers develop more cloud-based offerings, we are eager to offer additional product choices to align with these deployments.”