Shovel Ready Solutions

Electronic document management is crucial for municipalities and states that are launching Shovel Ready projects and need to meet federally mandated deadlines. Electronic document management systems can reduce the submission, review and approval process time for such projects from months to weeks.

But electronic document management solutions alone do not address on-going viewing challenges that could arise due to incompatible systems or unreadable documents. Leverage your system with Snowbound Software’s viewing technology and ensure your entire project team unobstructed access to project proposals, approvals, schematics, change notices, blueprints and more.

Our RasterMaster® viewing and conversion SDK and VirtualViewer® HTML5 document viewer supports a wide range of file formats, including DWG for Windows and .NET and conversions from DWG to PDF or DWG to TIFF. VirtualViewer® HTML5 is available for either Java or .NET. With Snowbound’s viewing solutions your projects spring off the page and into construction— fast. Here’s how:

  • Accelerate and Simplify the Project Management Process — VirtualViewer® HTML5, allows you to view virtually ANY document or image format from ANY platform, anywhere. This enables architects, engineers, planners and more to deliver designs, blueprints and plans quickly to stakeholders, reviewers and anyone else who needs fast and easy access to the content. … Learn about VirtualViewer® HTML5 benefits.
  • Expedite Document Workflow with Mark-Up and Redaction Technology — Throughout the approval and decision-making process, team members can use our XML-based annotations to comment, collaborate and approve plans through digital sticky notes, highlighters, rubber stamps, and more. Add, change or remove comments without affecting the original document or other stakeholder comments. VirtualViewer’s redaction capabilities allow you to protect sensitive information by blocking access to protected content through user permissions, while preserving the integrity of the original document ... Learn about our Annotation and Redaction features.
  • Provide Remote Viewing to Team Members — Once your project is in process, VirtualViewer® HTML5, enables remote access to content from any device with a web browser, including the iPhone, BlackBerry or Windows Mobile phone. Your team will be able to access and collaborate on documents from the office, the road, or while at a construction site. Administrators control user permissions through an easy-to-configure user interface … Learn about our VirtualViewer® HTML5 Document Viewer.
  • Expand Your Array of Document Format Support and Viewing Capabilities — RasterMaster empowers developers to incorporate extensive format support, as well as cutting-edge imaging capabilities including viewing, conversion, manipulation, annotation, redaction, printing and saving into your applications. … Learn more about the benefits of our Viewing and Conversion SDK.