Legal Solutions

Snowbound Software is the market leader of electronic document viewing and conversion technology. Our solutions help hundreds of companies and tens of thousands of users securely access and process mission-critical information every day, enabling our customers in the legal industry like LexisNexis, Envision and TechLaw, Inc. (and subsequently their customers) address industry-specific challenges for viewing, collaborating, processing and transforming legal documents.

One of the earliest implementations of Snowbound’s technology in the legal industry was to package documents and a viewer together on CD ROM for distribution and review. Then, Snowbound started assisting law firms with viewing solutions for patent drawings, which quickly evolved into aiding with legal research by providing timely access to a wide variety of legal information.

Today, law firms throughout the country leverage Snowbound’s VirtualViewer application for efficient and secure access to sensitive data. Our development toolkit, RasterMaster, is used to build viewing and conversion applications that are integrated into enterprise document management systems. And our batch conversion application is used to efficiently convert large volumes of documents and images for legal archives and quick and easy access by legal professionals.

Benefits of HTML5 document viewers for the legal industry:

  • High-speed viewing solutions speed legal research allowing users to view files and images via VirtualViewer's unique Page on Demand™ technology, greatly reducing viewing time requirements which can be significant for large files. Page on Demand eliminates the need to download entire documents prior to viewing by quickly and accurately delivering only the page(s) requested by the user.
  • Powerful text search for electronic documents that have been accessed via the viewer may be quickly searched via full text searching capabilities. Plus, searching documents uploaded using the ‘term hit highlight’ feature spotlights instances of the search term – for quick and easy viewing access.
  • Secure redaction capabilities via permission-based retrieval on the server, ensures that confidential information stays that way, and is also non-text searchable to maintain security. Audit trail capabilities are enhanced as the original file is never altered, and a redaction archive is created to ensure compliance with corporate regulations and security standards.
  • Mobile document viewing, via iPad or Smartphone, gives legal professionals secure access to content anywhere at anytime, without compromising document formatting or retrieval speed. VirtualViewer may be user-configured to display multiple documents at the same time, open a default set of files, and display a document thumbnail panel to highlight either the pages from one document, or the first page from multiple documents.

Corporate Governance - the Document Lifecycle

Today’s business demands, coupled with ever increasing regulation and compliance requirements on information, mandates that firms handle one of their greatest assets very carefully – their collected volume of information. The document lifecycle is the corporate blueprint for maintaining compliance with growing regulations for business and personal information such as Sarbanes Oxley (corporate compliance), and HIPAA and HITECH (healthcare).

Snowbound’s document viewing and conversion technology assists law firms throughout the document lifecycle process – helping to address their document management challenges as well as ever more stringent data compliance regulations:

  • Capture: Snowbound’s technology expedites the processes of scanned file clean-up, file conversion and document merging – to streamline the document archival process.
  • Deliver: View any document, from virtually anywhere on any platform via a true universal viewing solution.
  • Process: Colleague collaboration and communication is greatly increased via annotation functionality (redaction, rubber stamp approval, sticky notes, highlighted text, etc).
  • Archive/Retrieve: Effortless document and image storage and retrieval via high-speed viewing – retrieving only the pages needed from multiple documents – regardless of document type.