Automated Compliance Efforts

Meeting compliance demands for insurance companies can be complicated by policy changes or claims that are introduced over the life of the policy. These changes can be hard to track. Reduce the risk of non-compliance with Snowbound’s viewing and conversion solutions. 

How Snowbound Helps Enhance Efforts

  • Universal access to critical data on demand – Snowbound’s VirtualViewer® HTML5 enables users to retrieve and display policies, claims, reports and more through any device with a web browser, regardless of application or repository. Access your content from any location, without downloading additional applications. 
  • Provide an audit trail of the workflow history – Snowbound’s XML-based annotations enable you to record and report on the comments and approvals given during the document's lifecycle.
  • Ensure document security – VirtualViewer® preserves initial document integrity.  All annotations are applied in layers and associated with the original file, but never burned into it.  VirtualViewer also provides administrative control through an easy-to-configure user interface making it easy to establish and manage user permissions.
  • Protect sensitive information – VirtualViewer’s® redaction capabilities ensure your sensitive information cannot be accessed by unauthorized users.   When a file containing redacted information is requested, the redaction is burned in on the server at view time, so that when it is transmitted to the client, the redacted content cannot be viewed or searched upon. 
  • Convert files in batch mode or individually  – VirtualViewer® enables you to view a file in its original format and then convert to either PDF or TIFF for archiving back to the repository.  This allows you to convert as needed rather than spending the time and money to perform batch conversion.  However, if you are looking to batch convert files, RasterMaster offers batch conversion solutions to complete your archiving process.