Claims Processing & Customer Service

A satisfied customer is a loyal customer. And Motley Fool’s website advises potential insurance customers, “You want top drawer claims service.” Review and settle claims expediently, accurately and efficiently with Snowbound’s document viewing and conversion solutions.

How Snowbound Helps Expedite and Enhance

  • Ensure remote access to claims with browser-based viewing – VirtualViewer® HTML5 runs directly in a web browser, enabling external and internal users, including agents, adjusters and underwriters, to review and process claims over from any location without needing to download additional applications. Administrators control user permissions through an easy-to-configure user interface.
  • Increase efficiency and productivity by immediately viewing only the content you need to view –  With Snowbound’s unique Page on Demand™ technology, specify and open only the content you need to review in seconds; eliminate the need for users to wait for entire documents to download or stream.
  • Expedite your document and claims processing -VirtualViewer’s easy-to-use collaboration tools accelerate claims and document processing with XML-based annotations.  You can communicate and track changes using sticky notes and highlighting capabilities as well as apply approvals to pages using customized rubber stamps.
  • Accelerate policy access for Call Center representatives – Call center representatives need fast access to policies and claims. Enable your representatives  to quickly address customer inquiries and minimize the call time using VirtualViewer to access and review virtually any document or image format through the Web.