Increase Partners & Grow Business

Expand viewing and collaboration capabilities for agents, distributors, remote workers and other channel partners to grow your market share. VirtualViewer® HTML5, Snowbound’s zero-footprint viewer, enables you to view and expedite claims and documents.

How Snowbound Helps Streamline Your Document Workflow

  • Enable access to virtually any file through the webVirtualViewer® HTML5 retrieves and renders content directly in your web-browser. It provides channel partners immediate access to policies, claims, applications, reports and other critical content through any device with web access. 
  • Process and approve claims quickly with advanced collaboration tools – VirtualViewer’s easy-to-use collaboration tools accelerate claims and document processing with XML-based annotations.  You can communicate and track changes using sticky notes and highlighting capabilities as well as apply approvals to pages using customized rubber stamps. 
  • Eliminate installation and support challenges – Since VirtualViewer® HTML5 operates using a web browser, it eliminates the need to download any application on the client. This removes the obstacle of not being able to provide access to information because of corporate policies against third-party downloads and firewall issues.    
  • Provide consistent view for all documents and records –  Our universal viewer provides access to a consistent view of all company documents, for all users, regardless of what application or repositories are being utilized.